Veribest ISD has a YouTube channel dedicated to Live Streaming sporting events, and potentially other District events that have limited attendance regulations due to COVID-19.

You can visit the Veribest ISD Live Stream YouTube Channel using the link below:


**Our goal is to stream all games at maximum video quality (1080p x60fps) there will be times however when on the road that we may have to set maximum video quality to (720p x30fps). Please note that you can adjust the quality on your computer/smartphone/tablet/smart tv when watching the stream to best handle "your" internet connection. If your internet connection isn't great you can watch the stream in 360p or 480p, but the overall quality of the stream will be LOW. If you have an adequate internet connection you can watch the stream at 720p or 1080p for the MAXIMUM viewing experience.  -GoFalcons!-