Special Progams

special programsThe Veribest ISD Special Education Teachers enhance practice and inspire professional excellence in all that they do. Our teachers recognize a responsibility to children with special needs, their parents, the community, to other professionals, and to themselves. They nurture the potential of children with special needs and promote growth in all students through the integration of academic, psychological, physical, and social learning. Our Special Education teachers respect the inherent dignity and worth of the children with whom they work; help children with special needs to value their own identity, learn more about their disabilities, and help them reflect on their own learning and connect it to their life experience. Our teachers collaborate with parents of children with special needs and community, building trust and respecting confidentiality. The Veribest Special Education Teachers always seek to maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and competence when working with children, youth parents, professionals, and all other members of society. This 'Special Call-to-Duty' is not for just anyone; these teachers have an innate talent that allows them to love and understand with respect, special children ... in a VERY SPECIAL way !

Special EducationHow Do You Define a Teacher: Teachers impact our students more by their character than by their communication. People learn best by example, not by direct instruction. “Actions speak louder than words.” As a teacher they must move from being a mere “dispenser of information” to a mentor and organizer of the learning process.

Special EducationSpecial EducationSpecial EducationSpecial EducationSpecial Education    Introducing Our 'VeriBEST Five-Star' Alternative Education Mentors and Organizers ...

Mrs. Kacy Jackson
Alternative Education
B.A., History and Government, Angelo State University
Phone: 325.655.2851 - (School Secretary)
Fax: 325.653.0551
At Veribest since 2012
   - Alternative Education
   - Inclusion

Ms. Jessica Glass
ESL and Elementary Alternative Education
Phone: 325.655.2851 - (School Secretary)
Fax: 325.653.0551
At Veribest since 2014
   - ESL Coordinator
   - Elementary Alternative Education