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 What's Your Coaching Game ... Good or Great?
The differences between a good coach and a great one may be subtle, but they can make a world of difference to players. While knowledge of the game, ability todemonstrate drills and organizational skills are important, here are five traits that separate our VeriBEST coaches from the rest:

Humility – Every coach wants to win games, but not at the expense of skill development. Great coaches realize it’s about the team, not the man behind the bench. The best coaches don’t measure their success by their trophy case, but by the smiles on their players’ faces, their improvement on the field of play and their passion for the game.

Compassion – Great coaches take the time to get to know their players, on and off the field of play. If the coach makes the effort to listen, understand and treat players with respect, they will return the favor. Great coaches know that their team is only as strong as its weakest player and works hard to give every player the chance to improve his or her skills.

Communication – A coach can have all the technical knowledge in the world but if he can’t communicate and teach effectively, the knowledge is useless. Clear communication stems from realizing how each player learns and tailoring the information to reach its intended target. The best coaches are able to deliver criticism and praise in a way that players will take to heart.

Passion – When a coach has a passion for the game and the team, it makes the experience a positive one for everyone involved. Excitement for the game and improvement is contagious, and if the coach has it the whole team will catch it. However, the same goes for negativity. If a coach acts up on the bench, there’s a good chance his players will do likewise on the field of play. The apple, as they say, never falls far from the tree.

Leadership – Great coaches give their teams direction and motivation to help them to reach their goals. They have a plan, are organized and find a way to encourage their teams to believe and work together. The best coaches are those that will lead an enthusiastic, excelling, growing team by personal example.