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The Technology department provides technical support, training, and technology resources to the school district under the supervision of the Director of Technology. The following is an overview of the technology department responsibilities:

The Director of Technology works to ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of the technology department and accessibility of resources to district users.He assists campuses and departments with technology purchases, including working with vendors on quotes and deliveries.The Director manages and does the paperwork related to the technology budget, special technology funds, technology related grants (ex: Title II Part D, E-Rate, etc.) as well as long-range technology planning for the district.The Director works with other departments and programs to meet state and federal mandates as well as on providing technology resources for curriculum and business services. Additionally, the Director develops, maintains, and enforces the District Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) in compliance with the Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA). RunFunctionHere-14
Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
Internet Safety

The Director of Technology is responsible for providing technology training to all staff members as well as help campuses with the integration of technology into their curriculum.The Director creates tips sheets, how-to guides, and technology integration resources for the campuses and departments.In addition, the Director researches and evaluates new types of technology to determine if they will be a potential resource for the district.
Free Self-paced, On-line, Anytime "Microsoft Office Suite" Applications Training Courses

Computer Technical Support Services:
The help desk is available each school day (usually from 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM). The Director of Technology performs an assortment of jobs, including troubleshooting problems that end users encounter, installing software, troubleshooting and installing auxiliary equipment (printers, electronic whiteboards, etc.), upgrading computers, reporting and installing warranty parts, install and setup of new equipment, etc.

Data Processing:
The Director of Technology is responsible for the maintaining of the student and financial data management systems for the district.He assists campuses and departments in the management and analysis of student and financial data.He is also responsible for assisting with the troubleshooting of the Business Management system (RSCCC).The Director is responsible for the transfer of data from the main system to a number of other programs; for example, electronic gradebook program, data analysis programs, educational resources, etc. The Director must also make readily available, through the District Website, the District "Financial Transparency Initiative" in compliance with Texas State Initiative.
Texas' Financial Transparency

Network and Telecommunications:
The Director of Technology is responsible for the "behind the scenes" aspects of technology within the Veribest ISD.He is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and trouble-shooting of the network infrastructure, equipment, servers and telephone systems positioned throughout the district.In addition, he is responsible for the connectivity between the campuses to create the district Local Area Network (LAN) as well as working with Region XV and vendors to supply the internet access and telecommunication services for the district.
Network Infrastructure Design (District Technology Plan 2010-2013)

The Director of Technology serves as the District "Webmaster". He is employed to design, develop, market, and maintain the district website. Once the website is available for traffic, the webmaster begins the endless task of driving traffic to the district website. Finally, once the website is built and operational, it takes work to keep it that way. The Webmaster must maintain the district website including all links, text, and images to keep the website current and relevant to ongoing and potential traffic.

District Event Notification: (District School Closure Notifications, Game Cancellations, etc.)
The Director of Technology also provides and maintains District Staff, Student, and Family Notification Systems, for events ranging from School Emergencies and Closures, to Scheduled Game cancellations and District Calendar changes.

Signup sheets are available through the district secretary. Families can provide current phone numbers, email addresses, and text numbers to be notified through which ever venue you chose. These systems are secure and will not compromise your information in anyway. All notifications to district families and staff are approved, prior to dissemination, by the superintendent and administrative personnel, equitably.
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Veribest ISD
P.O. Box 490,
10062 F.M. Hwy.
Veribest, TX. 76886
Phone: 325.655.2851
   Fax: 325.653.0551

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