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Reminiscing On The "Past Everyday Life" at Veribest ISD
Documenting everyday life has been extremely popular in the past years. We should also be a strong advocate of capturing life and telling the stories the exciting ones as well as the mundane. But what about the past?

We enjoy taking pictures of the alarm clock in the morning, the toast with the tall glass of cool orange juice we have for breakfast. We document our desktops and our running shoes and even the number on our front doors. But what about the past?

No. We do not forget the past, do we?

We ARE telling the stories of our parents and their parents. We share how we met our significant others. We tell the story of the day we graduated. We dont forget the story about the time we were down sick. We document our vacations ... especially the long ones to exotic destinations far, far away.

But we DO forget something. We forget to write about our PAST EVERYDAY LIFE. We forget to write about the ROUTINES we used to have.

We dont write about the special smell there was in the air during the last month of school. We seem to have forgotten to mention the big bowl of sour cream with strawberries and bananas we used to LOVE. The omelet we used to eat, provided it was completely covered in cottage cheese have we written about those lazy summer days when we all had lunch together, listening to oldies on the radio and eating sweet watermelon for desert those where the days when the inside of the watermelon was as red as a rose and a million black as coal seeds decorated it.

What about all those memories? Where are they documented?

Todays everyday life is spoken for and widely covered. Yesterdays significant events are documented as well. So its time to bring back memories of the past everyday life and write them down in our photo essay.

* Note: Grouped memories can be cycled through by clicking on the right/left edges of each enlarged image.

Oft, in the stilly night
Ere Slumber's chain has bound me,
Fond Memory brings the light,
Of other days around me.
- Thomas Moore (1815) -

Memories from Veribest School Year's "Everyday Life": 2009-2010
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- First Day of School -

















- First Two Kindergarten Birthdays of the School Year -

- First Football Game of the Season: Team Send-off -





























Veribest ISD
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