VIRTUALLY Everything is Possible!

The Veribest ISD is finalizing the installation of a '100%' Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Network, and now is virtually at the 'Leading Edge' of Education and Industry!

While 90% of end-user platforms are still windows XP or Windows 7; while 78% of Education and Industry are debating whether to virtualize it's technological infrastructure, the Veribest ISD Board of Educators and it's District Superintendent of Schools had the vision to embrace the challenge now ... rather than grapple with the consequences later.

Since the spring semester 2013, the implementation of an entirely new virtual network has unfolded and been realized, enduring many months of change, modifications, interpretations, and a diligent desire to fully understand the virtual environment. A tremendous learning curve has been addressed, comprehending all this new network can provide; so to simplify its accolades, let's just list them as they come to fruition:

  • Several hundred Virtual Machines (VM's) will be managed by a single template, modifiable in minutes.
  • Virtual Servers will 'mirror' the hosts for a fail-safe environment.
  • All operating system platforms can be created and interchanged as desired. Veribest Currently uses Windows 8, Server 2012 Data Center, and Linux platforms for varying needs.
  • The virtual network can be accessed by everyone assigned to the network's Active Directory, at any time, anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • All data and faculty, student information is contained within a secure, private cloud.
  • The network interface works on Desktop PC's, laptops, iPads, iPhones, and many other internet accessible devices.
  • Note: We liked the iPad concept for student mobility and versatility so much, we bought each Junior and Senior student one to assist in their college courses provided through the school district. Freshman and Sophomores will receive Dell Laptops.
  • Teachers can now wrap up their work after school, and continue it at their leisure in the comfort of their homes.
  • Students now have more time to access work from their network drives at home and securely store it for future project and assignment uses.
  • The entire district is managed by AirWatch, a 'Wireless Device NET' that helps our students comply with the "Children's Internet Protection Act", as well as the District's "Acceptable Use Policies".
  • Operating system 'End of Life' is no longer a concern of the VISD. Windows XP can end on April 6th of 2014; Windows 7 can end a year later ... we will always be current without a large deployment to address.
  • - and one of the best features of this investment is, 80% of the cost will be returned through State and Federal 'E-Rate' programs.
   Proactive Board Members, a Superintendent with a VISION, and Faculty and Students with the tools that will carry them into the future ... not to mention the financial return to the budget, to continue to make the Veribest ISD exactly that, the 'VERYBest' School District around!