Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Email Gone?
If you haven't noticed by now, your Email has MOVED; but to WHERE?

As was advertised last school year, the Region Center (ESC15) is officially out of the 'Email Hosting' business, effective 31 August 2014. What does this mean to you, the end-user? Veribest was suddenly in the market for a robust and versatile Post Office service, or Email Hosting server. The folks at Microsoft offered the New "Office365" Suite with a Cloud-based Exchange Server(Email Hosting server) to all educational entities for FREE. Our accounts at the Region Center were recently redirected to the Office365 Outlook Web App. All email accounts were created on the cloud by Veribest and the Region Center simply pointed our email accounts to this new service.

So, how is the email different? First, your username is the same (first.lastname@veribestisd.net) but your password was auto-generated, so a new logon must be used. A NEW link to your login has been applied to the webmail link in the upper right corner of the Veribest ISD website's main page. The first time you login to the Outlook Web App, you will be directed to change your password (a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 15). Passwords MUST be Upper Case, lower case, and a number or character, combined in any fashion of your choosing. Current passwords to logon are available by calling Technology at the Veribest school. Once logged into the new email, your old email files will be transferred into the new system.

Configuration changes will additionally be required for cell phone email, iPads, home computers, etc. Where ever you receive Veribest email, your settings will have changed. All of the details will be explained in a number of trainings during our First Day back.

Any questions, please call Technology (655-2851).